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Lost & Found
“Vake up, vake up Bastian it your first day of school” yelped his mother in her German accent. “Ok, alright Mama I’m up”.
“Make sure you have your breakfast it’s the most important meal of the day”. “Ok”
“She always has to repeat stuff” he said under his breath. In a sluggish manner he went the bathroom, quickly washed his face ,brushed his teeth, brushed his brown hair and put his school uniform on. He swiftly made his way to the kitchen where his cereal was waiting for him. He stuffed his face like he hadn’t eaten for days, some of the cereal getting stuck to his moustache. Bastian was an adolescent boy with a big appetite, rough skin and a lot of facial hair. “Ok, are you finished Tian”

“Yes Mama”
“Let’s go to the car now”
He quickly grabbed his bag and walked to the rear of the car and put his bag in the back seat. He then got into the front seat and they drove off. When they got to school his mother kissed him and said goodbye. Then it hit him, the sense of nervousness hit him his heartbeats like drums in a band. He cautiously approached the school gates, it’s like he didn’t want to walk in but finally he did. “Hello do you know where year nine is?

“Go to the last classroom and turn right”.
“Ok, thank you”.
He walked through the corridor the walls of the school seeming like cliffs because of their length. He finally made it to the classroom. He walked in hearing the children whispering. He quickly sat down in his attempt to stop the children looking at him. The teacher walked to the front, the whispering all coming to a halt. The children stood up to greet her all but Bastian but he eventually got up. “Good Morning Mrs. James”.

“Good Morning Year Nine and welcome to a new educational year!” She quickly marked the roll, supposedly knowing everyone.
She stopped.
“Bastian Gomez”.
“Jack Gaze”.
Bastian turned his body around to see who the other person who the teacher called out other than him. It was a tall, white boy with red hair with fine white skin. “Alright Mary, could you come hand out the time table?”

“Yes Miss”.
“Alright children off to period one”.
Bastian quickly put his timetable in his pocket and grabbed his bag and swiftly exited the classroom. He then took it out of his pocket to check what subject, class and teacher he had. The timetable read: “HIS, G5, JSP”

Bastian was confused he had no idea of what the class he was in or what teacher he was in for. “Hey, Mary can you tell me what this says?” pointing to the timetable. “It says you have history and your teacher is Mr. Joseph for a double in the fifth classroom of the ground floor”. “Alright, thank you”.

Bastian walked to the class he was thinking about the teacher. He was nervous.
He finally got to the classroom and waited outside patiently for the teacher to arrive. “Hey you’re the new kid” said one of the children.
“Yeah I am”
“I love your monobrow I wish I had one!” said another kid sarcastically. “Thanks” he replied.
The other children were laughing at him and whispering between each other. At this point Bastian was quite embarrassed his cheeks bright red and he was sweating. Finally the teacher arrived the laughing and whispering coming to a halt. “Please forward in quietly”.

Bastian cautiously walked into the class with the rest of the group, he sat at the back corner and was almost hiding to avoid any other embarrassments. The class stood up to greet the teacher. “Good Morning Mr. Joseph”

“Good Morning Year Nine, I see we have a few fresh faces this year”. “Today we will be pairing up with someone to do answer the question what is history?” The children quickly got into pairs all but Bastian and Jack they were the only two left. “Looks like we’re together”.

“Yeah looks like we are, what’s your name again?”
“Jack, What’s yours?
The two walked back to their tables. Bastian felt a bit relaxed now not as tense as before. He felt that Jack was one of the nice people in...
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