Basis of Modern African State

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African Politics
Final Examination
1. It has been observed that, “the basis of the modern African state is the colonial state.” In what ways is this so and how has the reality impacted efforts to achieve political stability, democracy, and development in post-colonial Africa?

The colonization of Africa, or the more often called “Scramble for Africa” is a defining and greatly know defining portion of Africa’s history. Despite the extensive and diverse history of Africa, the colonization of Africa is known globally and a very famous portion of Africa’s history. In a way it is a defining chain of event for Africa, because the colonization and decolonization of Africa are historical events that molded and formed Africa into the nation it is today. “The basis of the modern African state is the colonial state” is an accurate statement; the reality of this statement has impacted the political stability, democracy, and development of postcolonial Africa.

Currently Africa has 54 sovereign countries, many of which still have the borders created during colonialism in Africa. Colonialism greatly impeded Africa’s ability to move forward as a continent. After colonialism many African states have frequently been hurt and affected by instability, corruption, violence. Many African states are republics, however, few of them have been able to sustain democratic governments, creating a cycle of military leaders. For political gain, many leaders promoted ethnic conflicts. The military was viewed as the only group that could effectively maintain order, and because of this it ruled many nations in Africa during the 1970s and early 1980s. The Cold War also affected the instability of Africa post colonization and the many new states becoming independent. Stuck in the middle of a conflict of the United States and the Soviet Union, many states in Africa were forced to align themselves with one or the other. This promoted funded insurgency movements to attempt and battle...
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