Basilio Villarreal Municipal Park Case Study

Pages: 4 (782 words) Published: February 10, 2018

It was quite effortless to conclude that the availability for accessible parks was so challenging that finding one was not only challenging but had limited variation. Not only was finding an all accessible park difficult but when reviewing the differences and similarities to parks made for children without disabilities it was unpretentious to make a concrete justification that the amount of resources given to those without disabilities is much vaster than to those who do suffer from a disability.
Initially, I evaluated a park in my hometown of Rio Grande City, the Basilio Villarreal Municipal Park. It is a fairly a newer park in town that is much more improved than any that we have around the area. This park does have a few accessible parking...

Although these implementations are difficult to incorporate into daily life it is possible. Accessibility standards from a federal aspect do not only solely pertain to building complexes such as schools, stores and everyday visited facilities it implies to recreational settings and public parks. All-inclusive setting such as these and recreational play areas are so limited, minute and very seldom are they seen around our region that coming across them is a rare find. Even with a discovery I believe that it still lacks more resources in comparison to others. The Basilio Villarreal Municipal Park is popular in town and is found in the center of town where many events take place making it widely known and visited while the C.B. Wood Park featuring Amalie L. "Amy" Koppel Memorial All Inclusive Playground is in a remote area, very secluded and not many signs are present to make you aware of the accessible recreational environment. I do feel that this happens a plethora, leisure is taken for granted by someone who is healthy, mentally and physically able unlike those with a disability that suffer from limited resources and hostile environments making inclusivity difficult for the child and the...
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