Basic Rules of Driving

Topics: Road, Traffic, Color Pages: 2 (814 words) Published: November 15, 2005
Before driving a car, you must learn first what road signs, colors, and sign shapes mean. You need to learn what the different road signs mean and what they look like. There are many signs which you must follow in order to get to your destination. It is very important that you learn all these before actually driving. Another thing you must know is which lane you must drive in and how to turn into a lane. The reason is because you cannot get into a car without knowing what to do while on the road. In order to drive a car you must first take drivers training, if you have never driven a car. Then you take a written test that includes all the information you have learned about the road. But, for now learning about signs and colors is the basic steps to learning how to drive.

There are many colors of signs in which you need to know the difference. Red is usually used to warn you that there is no parking here, stop, or no enter. This is one color you must always obey. Yellow can mean many things. When a stop light turns yellow that also means to be cautious and slow your speed because the light will turn red. Green also has different purposes; the biggest purpose it has is in a stop light. When a stop light is on red, it means you must remain still until the light turns green, and then you can proceed with caution. These are some of the main colors we use while driving. They can also be used on sidewalks and roads. Another major color you sometimes come across is white, which is usually used for school crossing; it is typically used on the roads signs. Blue is also a major color that has a great purpose. Its purpose is to outline a particular place that is used for people who are handicapped. You must follow all of these colors meanings, and what to do when you come across them.

Right of way can help you be a better driver. The whole point of right of way is to always let pedestrians go first. Pedestrians are considered to be anyone who is...
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