Basic Purpose of Education

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The Basic Purpose of Education
One of the basic purposes of education is to pass on the knowledge of the past in order to have a framework with which to evaluate the present and to make proper decisions for the future. I agree with that statement one-hundred percent. Without a proper education the students of today would not know how or what to teach the students of the future. So it would eventually become a cycle, that would progressively get worse and worse. So with that being said I think education in schools should increase. And the more you increase the knowledge students of today learn the better the students of the future will be. As an educated nation we can function better and make better choices that help our nation as a whole. And in this time of need our nation needs all of the help it can get. With that being said I agree that students need to be taught as much as they can so they can pass on the knowledge that they have learned to future generations to increase our total knowledge. The Purposes of Education

One of the greatest purposes of education is to hand down the cultural heritage of the race. Without handing down the culture that we have learned the following will have to start back from scratch and that would be a very tedious cycle. I agree that it is a great purpose and might be the most important, second to making sure the information we pass down is correct. If we stopped handing down information that we have learned after a few generations our nation would be illiterate and not have any knowledge of the past generations and great exploits that those men that came before them made or the medical and environmental advancements that the past generations have made. And all of that knowledge would be for naught. But instead we need to make it our mission to pass on the knowledge we learn and learn as much as we can so we can make future generations more intelligent then our generation. In Blank Is Our Trust

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