Basic Parts of a Computer

Topics: Input/output, Integrated circuit, Computer Pages: 2 (586 words) Published: June 11, 2013
Basic Parts of the Computer
There are essentially 2 main categories when breaking down the parts of a computer, input and output devices. First let’s go over the input devices. Input devices are devices that help you; the user input information in the computer in ways that you understand that later gets transferred into something the computer understands. Second, output devices are devices that take that translated input and display the results from something the computer understood to something that you the user can understand and also see or touch. The two basic input devices are the keyboard and mouse. The keyboard is used for typing text into your computer. The keyboard and the letters A thru Z, the numbers 0-1, function keys (F1,F2, all the way to F12), a numeric pad located on the right side mainly used to type in numbers quickly, special keys (ctrl, alt, tab, shift, cap lock), and navigation keys or arrow keys which help you move around on different applications. The second of the two basic input devices is the mouse. The mouse usually has two buttons and a navigation wheel. The buttons on the mouse are used for left clicking and/or right clicking, each having its own function depending on where you click and the application you’re in. The wheel aids as a short cut for smooth scrolling of webpages and documents. The mouse aids in the navigation of applications, navigating around your OS or operating system. Output devices as I stated earlier help the user read or interpret the results of the earlier input. The most noticeable output device is known as the monitor. There are a few different flavors or monitors but the most common is the LCD or Liquid Crystal Display monitor. The monitor just displays moving or still images back to the user for him or her to read. Speakers are another form of an output device the plays sound such as music or sounds effects. Finally, printers, printers are an output device to transfer what you see on the monitor on...
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