Basic Military Intelligence

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a.Intelligence – is the product resulting from the collection, evaluation, analysis, integration and interpretation of all available information which concerns a foreign nation or an area of operation.

b.Military Information – means all facts, documents, materials, photograph, diagram, maps and reports of observation of any kind which increases our knowledge of a possible or actual enemy or area of operations.

c.Military Intelligence – is a knowledge acquired through the collection, evaluation, and interpretation of all available information concerning a possible or actual enemy or area of operations, including the weather and terrain.

d.Combat Intelligence – is that knowledge of the enemy, weather and terrain required by a commander in planning and conducting tactical operation. It is developed during the conduct of the operations modification of the original operation plan which may be appreciated.

e.Counterintelligence - is an aspect of intelligence which comprises civil and military measures, including the collection, processing and distribution of information, and executive actions, designed to counter enemy or to prevent sabotage or subversive activities. 2.INTELLIGENCE PRINCIPLES:

a.Intelligence is continues.
All intelligence activities follow a four-stage cycle: planning, collection, evaluation and dissemination. The cycle is continuous and all steps are carried out in an orderly fashion. We cannot afford to have unsystematic and inefficient of information. Any lead must be followed vigorously. Check the reliability of the source to verify the raw information. Do anything to make that information available in useful form.

b.Intelligence operations and tactical operations are interdependent. c.Intelligence must be useful.
Intelligence must be useful. Otherwise, what do operating troops need it for? It must focus on a certain intelligence requirement of a commander or his operating troops. The intelligence operation is not terminated, until positive results come out.

d.Intelligence must be timely.
The best intelligence is worthless if it does not reach the user in time for appropriate action. There must always be an effective system of disseminating intelligence, as the timeliness of each bit of information must be exploited.

e.Intelligence operations must be flexible.
Intelligence activities are always based on logical steps. Standard intelligence procedures make intelligence operations effective, but must not be followed blindly. Procedures can be changed to meet requirements.

f.Intelligence operations require imagination.
Intelligence operations require imagination, foresight and resourcefulness. Creativity plays a great part in the outcome of any intelligence operation. Intelligence, by its very nature, is unorthodox. To succeed therefore requires an equally queer, unpredictable and out-of-the normal mound of mind.

g.Intelligence operations require constant security measures.
Anything of intelligence value is highly classified information. Keep it secret and under wraps.

Intelligence axioms are facts that require no doubt because the truths of these statements are obvious.

a.AXIOM NR 1 – Intelligence is crucial to internal security.
b.AXIOM NR 2 – Intelligence is essential to all types of operations
1)Internal Defense Operations
2)Internal Development operations
3)Psychological Operations

c.AXIOM NR 3 – Intelligence is the responsibility of all government agencies
d.AXIOM NR 4 – Intelligence of the government must be superior to that of the enemy.

In the study of intelligence cycle it is not important which phase is considered first information of intelligence can be inserted in any phases as appropriate. The intelligence cycle has no beginning and no end. Any sequence which is logically organized and passes...
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