Basic Marketing Plan

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BSB 126 Marketing Plan Template

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1.Situation analysis
For Smart Banana, Social Trend and technology are the most influential macro-environmental forces. Research from A.I.H.W. indicates that every three out of five Australian adults are overweight or obese which is over 12 millions of people. (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare [A.I.H.W.], Overweight and obesity, 2013). Source from Australia government shows that Fruits and vegetables are still an important part of your diet and may play an indirect effect with a healthier weight because they are relatively low in kilojoules (Better Health Chanel, Cancer and food, 2014) This is an opportunity for Smart Banana because High fiber property of banana enables them to absorb numerous calories before passing to the digestive tract, it can help to solve the problem of people getting overweight and help people who want to have better body shape. Refer to source from Smart banana, it shows that it is the first banana vending machine provider (Smart Banana Official). This is a strength and but also a threat for Smart Banana company .On the strength side, buying bananas in banana vending machine is a more convenient way for people to buy than buying in supermarkets. It is because they can reach the position that don’t have any shops like bus stops, school etc. On the threat side, bananas is different to other vending machine products like can or bottle drinks, they cannot keep fresh for more than a week even in cool temperature. It’s a technology problem for Smart Banana to keep their bananas fresh before the bananas sold out.

2.Marketing Goal
Have over 50% of main Australia offices and schools area’s bus stop have installed the banana vending machines in 2 years

3.Marketing Strategy
Smart banana is the first banana vending machine provider in Australia, the value it can give to their customers...

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