Basic Guide to PBL

Topics: Physical examination, Medical diagnosis, Medical record Pages: 3 (655 words) Published: June 19, 2014
Basic Guide to PBL
1. Pre-reading
Read up on the week's topic before going to PBL

2. Participate
-Participate in PBL, dare to ask questions

4. Do not pre-read all the trigger
-Triggers should be treated like exam questions. Pre-reading limits the scope of discussion -Eg. Do not distribute/read trigger 2 before finishing trigger 1

3.Volunteer system 
-Students choose which learning issue to do based on capability (DO NOT DIVIDE LI AROUND THE TABLE) -Those who are better in studies should volunteer to do more challenging LI which will benefit yourself and the group.

4. Learning issue
- write out the answer to your learning issue neatly, then quote the source, be specific   (eg. Source: Robbins's Pathology 8th Edition, page 237-239) - photocopy for all your PBLmates and distribute before presenting your learning issue - avoid just reading out your answer, explain and teach your groupmates, bilingually (Malay+English) if needed

Trigger 1
1.Read out trigger

-No need to write out on board, just underline or highlight in own paper (unless requested by doctor) -Discuss each keyword

3.Differential diagnosis
-List out the differential diagnosis as u can (Some pre-reading will help) -State the positive history, state the negative history
-Diff diag can be added or deleted as more triggers are revealed

4.Further history
-Based on the diff diag, discuss the further questions to support or rule out your diff diag

5.Learning issues
-Now discuss learning issues to be done, and list down on the board -Finally discuss what to do next (before getting next trigger) about the steps in PE and what are the expected findings if possible

6. Physical Examination
-Briefly discuss the PE to perform, the normal findings and the expected outcome for each of the diff diagnosis -SEQ questions will come out in similar fashion so treat this seriously to score in exam

Make sure to do ALL of this before moving to trigger...
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