: the basic functions of Human Resource Management: planning and forecasting human resource requirements, recruitment and selection, appraisal, evaluation and employee motivation. UOP: MGT 431

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This summary paper provides a full description and analysis of the Human Resource Management (HRM) function. Included in this paper are key topics discussed in this module: the basic functions of Human Resource Management: planning and forecasting human resource requirements, recruitment and selection, appraisal, evaluation and employee motivation. Additionally, this paper addresses employee quality of life and productivity programs and improving the physical work environment. The relationships between successful business and Human Resource Management are examined as well as how Human Resource Management strategies can be incorporated into business strategies to improve profit.

The history of the development of human resource management can be traced back to the early 1900s. Human resource managers¡¦ original function was to basically manage the relationship between businesses and labor unions. Galbraith and Nathanson were among the first organization theorist to discuss explicitly the concept of human resources strategies in the context of strategic management. They developed a model for the human resource management function that divided the human resource management function into four basic subfunctions. Subsequent review of the human resource management function divided the function into seven parts. Although human resource management was originally seen as a necessary evil to deal with labor unions currently Human resource managers are viewed as an essential part of any successful organization.

Human Resource Management focuses on securing, maintaining, and utilizing an effective work force, without which organizations cannot survive. Human Resource Management involves a variety of activities, which include recruitment, and screening of prospective employees, the study of training needs, preparing human resource forecasts, the development of compensation systems, and an understanding of the laws that effect the performance of these activities. The Human Resource Management function has evolved significantly since the early 1900. The need to deal with labor unions and the human relations movement has increased the need for competent human resource professionals.

Planning organizational human resource needs is a key task for human resource managers. Key strategies for effective human resource management planning is:

*align human resource management strategy with business strategy

*determining priorities

*gaining line management support

The Organizational mission generates the organization¡¦s Plan, which in turn generates the human resource management plan. The external environment and the internal environment of the organization influence the human resource management plan. Human resource managers must align the operational needs of managers with the mission and organizational goals of the business. Human resource managers must communicate effectively with operational level managers to influence, analyze and supply expected staff needs. Additionally, Human Resource Managers must consider the expected future environment and internal and external factors affecting human resource needs when planning future personnel requirements. Human resource managers must establish priorities for staffing needs. Human resource managers must balance the requirements of line managers against the organizational goals to ensure staffing growth is consistent with the overall organizational objectives. Further, resource managers must gaining line management support for it's programs. Resource managers must develop a good working relationship with line managers. Line managers must understand the human resource managers' strategy and the value human resource management adds to an organization. This may be done by demonstrating the value resource management adds to each section. Resource managers must speak the language of business and illustrate the value of human resource management programs in dollars and cents....
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