Basic Education Curriculum

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Thai Primary School Curriculum of Thailand|

GOALSThe principal goals of primary curriculum are as follows: 1. To provide basic education for all 2. To provide experiences applicable to learners daily living 3. To provide education for national unity with common purposes and opportunity for local authorities to develop part of the curriculum suitable to their conditions and needs.Education provided according to this curriculum shall develop in learners the following characteristics: 1. Basic learning skills, retention of literacy and mathematical skill. 2. Knowledge and understanding about self, natural environment and social changes 3. Ability to take care of personal and family health. 4. Ability to identify causes of personal and family problems and to apply scientific reasoning skill in suggesting ways and means to solve them. 5. Pride in being Thai, unselfishness, fair-mindedness and ability to live happily with others. 6. Habits of reading and life-long learning 7. Basic knowledge and skills in work, good work habits and ability to work cooperatively with others 8. Knowledge and understanding about social conditions and changes at home and in the community; ability to play the roles and carry out responsibilities as good members of the family and community, to conserve and develop environment, to promote religion, arts and culture in the community.STRUCTURE The primary school curriculum is made up of 5 learning experience groupings as follows: 1. Tool Subjects, comprising Thai language and mathematics. 2. Life Experiences, dealing with the process of solving social and daily life problems with an emphasis on scientific process skills for better living. 3. Character Development, dealing with activities necessary for developing desirable habits, values, attitudes and behaviour, which will lead to a desirable character. 4. Work-oriented Experiences, dealing with general practical work experiences and basic knowledge for career...
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