Basic Considerations Before Investing in a Business Website.

Topics: Website, World Wide Web, Small business Pages: 3 (916 words) Published: November 23, 2007
Today the Internet has come to play a major role in almost everyone's personal and business life. But most small businesses aren't sure how to effectively develop, market, and grow their company through the Internet. In these times, with well over 80 million users logging on either through Internet access accounts or online services, creating a presence on the Web becomes a critical decision for all businesses. Small businesses are moving online with web sites at a steady rate. In this article we will take a look at web site development and the basics you need to think about.

There are three prevalent ways that any business owner or manager can create a web presence for themselves or their business. The first way to do so is to create the web site your self.

You don't have to be a web designer or developer to build and manage a successful Web site, and you don't have to make a large investment. Numerous small business owners have successfully launched their own sites. A few of these smaller companies have launched for less than $500. But to do this you must become educated in the major aspects of web design. Like who you'll you use as a web host or will you create your own server. Which scripting language's will you use such as HTML, XML, Java, JavaScript, CGI, PHP, etc. and which of these languages is really necessary to construct your site. Some other aspects to learn is will you allow others to advertise on your site and how, will you use an affiliate program, will you offer referrals, will your site have a built in search feature, etc, etc.

The second way is to use a search engine or directory like Yahoo. For a monthly fee, many search engines and directories will design, market, and host your Web site. Based on your needs, you may choose a package that includes one or more of these services.

I use Yahoo Small Business as a reference because they offer a complete package of services for the small business owner who is serious about creating their...
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