Baseline Report Anger Management as a Behavioral Modification

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Anger Management as a Behavioral Modification

Baseline Phase Report

Jessica T. Van Nostrand

Liberty University

Analysis of Target Behavior

To help define my behavior I asked my brother for help. Below are the agreed upon behaviors that I exhibit at a particular time. I am hoping that this qualifies for an IOA (interobserver agreement or interobserver reliability). When I observe something that my brother (age 66) has either done or not done that displeases me, my voice gets very loud, my face contorts into something resembling a “Halloween mask”, negative words spew forth from my lips and I tend to wave my arms in all directions for emphasis. I also pace back and forth saying things like, “How can you do this to me?” “Don’t you care how hard I work that I have to come home to this?” “What’s wrong with you?” and his least favorite, “What did you do all day?” The end of my worst tantrums usually ends with me crying. At 54 years of age, I am quite frequently throwing tantrums. This is the target behavior I would like to eliminate from my life. My target behavior is defined as tantrums. To record this behavior I will be doing self-monitoring. I will be recording my observations in an unstructured natural setting (my home). I will be recording the targeted behavior from Wednesday (11/12/2014) through Tuesday (11/19/2014) between the hours of 7 a.m. until 10 p.m. each day. The recording method used is continuous recording because my brother sleeps most of the day, getting up several times for different periods of time throughout the day. I will also be recording the number of times the behavior occurs throughout the day (frequency), the length of time a tantrum occurs from start to finish (duration, real-time), and the intensity of the tantrum using a scale of 1-3 with 3 being the most intense.

1) Is yelling about something and ending it there.
2) Is yelling and adding derogatory phrases such as “stupid” and lengthening the verbal assault as well as the loudness of it. 3) Is a full scale verbal assault, with arms waving, duration lengthening, pacing, face distorted, and intensity over the top of anything that could be considered rational until I actually begin to cry. Baseline

The baseline of tantrums from Wednesday 11/12/14 through Tuesday 11/19/14 showing time, intensity and duration. Also included is a description of each incident that is charted on the graphs (pgs. 8-9). Wednesday 11/12 (2:14-2:16 p.m.)Michael still in bed, didn’t take meds, eat breakfast or lunch. I screamed at him to get out of bed after asking him nicely the first two times. I told him he needed to get up, get some breakfast/lunch and take his medications and that I am sick of having to call him to get out of bed and do things that I know he can do for himself if he wasn’t so lazy. Intensity was a (1) and lasted 2 minute Wednesday 11/12 (2:48-2:57 p.m.)Michael is watching TV in his bed all day. He did not take meds and is having soda and doughnuts for his first meal. Thinks he can stay in bed all day and do nothing. He used urine bottles instead of getting up to go to the bathroom throughout the night and didn’t even empty them. They are on the floor in front of his bed and if he accidently kicks one over it will be in my carpet. The bathroom is attached to his room, less than eight feet away. He took out doughnuts from a drawer in his captain’s bed, which was open and I could see all kinds of snacks in there (no food is allowed in the bedroom) and was watching TV without a care in the world. Clean clothes that were placed on a table in his room on Sunday were still not put away, soda cans were lying on the floor and the playpen for the dog smelled like urine. I went off, telling him that “I can’t do this anymore; you don’t help me take care of the house and not even yourself. You are lazy, stupid, and hateful, you don’t clean up after yourself or even clean yourself and...

References: Miltenberger, R. G. (2012). Behavior modification: Principles and procedures (5th ed.). International: Wadsworth Cenage Learning.
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