Basel 3 Norms

Topics: Banking / Pages: 22 (5423 words) / Published: Sep 29th, 2012
A Project Report

ON Basel III Norms



I extend our special vote of thanks to Prof. LAILA MEMDANI (Member of Faculty, Banking) for giving us the opportunity to work on this project by providing us with the basic guidelines of doing this project and have also highlighted its importance and relevance in the current day scenario. She has been instrumental in guiding us from time to time throughout the project by squeezing out time from her hectic schedule.

I would also like to thank the library co-coordinators for supplying us with appropriate material. I thank all the authors, journalists, and columnists, whose work we have referred to as a secondary data. The various websites from which information was acquired have proved to be very helpful and valuable sources of information in our project.

In all it was a wonderful learning experience which helped me in gaining useful insights about Basel III and the Micro and Macro Environment attached to it.

I apologize for any minor mistakes, which I might have committed.

Last but not the least I would further like to acknowledge the efforts of my friends for their indispensable support to make this project a success.

CONTENTS S No. | Headings | Page Nos. | 1) | Introduction | 4 | 2) | Basel Accords | 4 | 3) | Basel III | 6 | 4) | Need for Basel III | 6 | 5) | Conversion of Basel III from Basel II | 7 | 6) | Implementation of Basel III norms | 9 | 7) | Potential Challenges to Basel III | 11 | 8) | Impact of Basel III norms on Indian Banks | 13 | 9) | How banks might respond | 14 | 10) | Implementation

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