Baseball V/S Softball
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Baseball V/S Softball
If you have ever watched a game of baseball or a game of softball they can seem like a very similar sport. The more you go into detail with these two sports you can see how different from each other they really are. In these two sports you have three main aspects you can compare and contrast: pitching, the field and regulations, and hitting. There are more detailed areas you could compare and contrast, but these are the most common. When it comes to pitching in softball and baseball you will be able to spot the difference right away. Pitchers in baseball throw the baseball over hand while softball players throw the softball underhand. Since softball players throw softballs underhand there is a difference in the pitching rules of baseball and softball. Softball players do not a have a regulation on how many innings they can throw, while baseball players have a limit of how many innings they are allowed to throw. This rule was established because throwing overhand takes a huge toll on the arm, while throwing underhand is more of a natural motion. The similarity between these two sports is the way pitches are called, balls and strikes, and hits and walks determine both sports and the outcome in the end. Now when it comes down to the field they may look very similar, but in their own little way they are different. For instance a softball field has an all dirt infield while a baseball field is half dirt and half grass or all grass. When it comes to the technical part of the field you have distances from base to base and distance from the mound to home. In baseball it is 90 ft from base to base and it is 60ft from the mound to home, while in softball it is 60 ft from base to base and 43 ft from the mound to home. The over all design of the field is the same with foul poles in left and right field and with chalk marking the foul lines and batters box. The third and final aspect is hitting and in both softball and baseball you use

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