baseball vs. Cricket

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Baseball has always been Americas sport since the 18th century. Baseball is similar to cricket because they are both bat and ball sports. Between baseball and cricket baseball is better than cricket when it comes to fields, equipment and rules.

A baseball is better than a cricket because of its field, shape and size. According to an article from,"the shape of a baseball field is a diamond. There are 60 feet 6 inches between the pitchers mound and home plate. The length of baseball fields differ in MLB ballparks" ( In other words some thing that makes baseball unique is the different stadiums and fields. Baseball is better because of its field.
Between baseball and cricket baseball has better equipment. The equipment in baseball is better because it's safer. An article from suggests," batters and base runners wear helmets while outfielders wear a regular baseball cap and a glove made from leather" ( As you can see baseball is a very safe sport. What makes baseball great is that you don't have to worry about getting hurt because you have safe equipment

The rules in baseball are better and easier to understand. According to an article on," In baseball there are 24 ways to get out" ( This proves that there are more opportunities to get someone out in baseball than in cricket. Baseball is better because of its policy.

Overall baseball is better than cricket in field, equipment, and rules. The all-time leader in wins and strikeouts is the great Cy Young who won 511 games and had 2,803 strikeouts in his amazing career . As Yogi Berra once said, " In baseball, you don't know nothing."
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