Baseball Coaching

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Effective Baseball Coaching
Sport coaches serve an important role as educators and leaders in society. There are many different coaching styles that have paved the way for student athletes. During my high school career I was the starting second basemen for what turned out to be the most talented team in the history of California High School. During a two year run as East Bay Champions, I was privileged to be coached by former Oakland A’s Mike Davis and Dave Hamilton. Their coaching styles and practices made such a profound impact on our high school team that I was able to inherit their style and apply it to my own teams that I would coach in the future. I have spent the past 22 years around the game of baseball. As the head coach at Capuchino High School in Burlingame, I have learned how to prepare our players through a strength and conditioning regime, utilize the role of technology as a coaching tool to our players, assess talent through an evaluation trial, and finally, identify player’s strengths and assigning positions to create a competitive starting lineup. I will share my coaching techniques that led our team to a 12-4 record and a first place finish in the 2000 season. For documentation I have added a picture of my high school baseball team shortly after our championship victory. Strength and Conditioning

Many people believe that baseball is one of the few sports that require conditioning. Though that may be a fact, it is essential for a baseball player to be fit and in shape. As a coach at the high school level I realize that I am not coaching a pro team, but my approach towards the young men was to install discipline through conditioning. Conditioning and exercise do not appeal to a teenager as much as the overall experience of game itself. However, it was my responsibility as a coach to install a workout regime and make sure that my team was ready to compete with anyone. On the very first day of practice each player would get timed on running a mile and they would also get timed on running one trailblazer. Each day before practice the team was assigned to run 1 mile on the track as a team prior to the start of practice. When practice began our two captions would lead our players into an organized stretching routine that would require each player to go through several motions of stretching different muscles in their body. Each player would go through a series of arm neck, back, leg and shoulder stretches. One of the most challenging tasks for an opposing team in the game of baseball is to handle a team with fast players. Team speed is one of the biggest advantages for any team that has players that can run. Players that are fast create havoc because they can steal bases and hit safely on offense and they can track down balls in the infield and outfield with relative ease. So basically speed can beat you from both angles of the game.

To build team speed we would have a special emphasis on conditioning in order to improve our overall team speed. The mile would serve as merely a warm up to practice. We could carry on with practice and go through an offensive practice or defensive practice and sometimes we would just devote our practice to batting. But after practice I made it a point to always spend 30 minutes on conditioning. We would spend 15 minutes doing “trailblazers” which was each player had to circle the bases in a full sprint and get timed. We would do about 15-20 trailblazers per player and then we would line up for a run up and down the bleachers on the football field. The players would then run 2 sets of bleachers which consisted of each player running up and down the bleachers without stopping until they have run up every stairway until they finished on the very end of the bleacher stands. This was a grueling task for our players but they worked hard and accomplished their goals at the end of each practice. I knew that from a coach’s perspective these were lessons that hopefully the...
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