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baseball bats

By janzalota Oct 07, 2013 511 Words

Baseball Bats
The baseball game is the national pastime of all time in The United States. When compared to other sports, baseball is a simple game with a basic set of equipment, and baseball bats are part of these equipments. Baseball bats were all manufactured out of some type of hard wood, but this is no longer the case. Today, there are different styles and materials to choose from. Baseball bats come in four basic types; wood, aluminum, composite, and hybrid. First, the classic baseball bat used in professional leagues is made of wood. Minor and major leagues use wood baseball bats in games and batting-cage sessions. The types of wood used differ from league to league. For example, the Major League Baseball bats used to be made only from white ash wood, giving the bat a thick, dense composition. Professional leagues have since switched to the use of maple wood bats, which are lighter but have a tendency to break more often under the rigors of regular use. Other types of wood, such as hickory and bamboo, have become increasingly popular, but are not sanctioned for use by most professional leagues. Second, Aluminum is the material most commonly used for baseball bats from little league through high school and college. Because aluminum bats are lighter, more durable, and easier to swing than wood bats of equal size, those make them ideal for younger players learning the mechanics of a good swing. Also, aluminum bats allow the ball to “pop” off the bat with greater speed, which compensates for a lack of strength and accuracy in younger players who are unable to duplicate their efforts with wood bats. Another type is the composite bats. They are crafted from a blend of graphite, plastic, and sometimes titanium, so they give young players a bat that is even lighter than aluminum. Indeed, this lets children compete at a comparatively high level in lower leagues. Composite bats are more expensive than aluminum bats and are not allowed for in-game play for certain leagues. Also, the composite material is not as durable as aluminum, especially in the portion between the handle and the barrel. To finish, there are hybrid bats. They essentially combine the strengths of both aluminum and composite bats. Hybrid bats are often constructed with an aluminum handle and spine, while the barrel is pressure-molded composite materials. Their greatest strength is theirs durability. This combination provides resistance to dents, dings, and bends, defects and warping over time. The primary disadvantage are that hybrids are not allowed for competitive play in some leagues and that they cost as much as composite bats, making aluminum a better option for some hitters. In conclusion, baseball players are able to choose among bats made from several different materials such as wood, aluminum, composite, and hybrid. Baseball bats are also subject to regulations, some of which vary from league to league, and the rules of the organization in which one plays. Today, each of these types of baseball bats can be crafted to suit any style of hitting.

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