Baseball and Loyalty

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Early in the morning, a dedicated baseball fan gets ready to go to another baseball game. He puts on the same frayed jersey paired with the same faded baseball cap that he always wears. His favorite team has been on a losing streak for a while now. Hope has vacated many fans. Though the odds are against the declining baseball team, this one faithful baseball fan still believes in them and goes to every game to cheer them on. He has exhibited loyalty.

Loyalty is not selfish. A characteristic that only the noblest of people acquire, loyalty is an unwavering dedication to a person or cause. It is not a quality gained overnight. It takes time and selflessness to achieve it. To be loyal, one must be willing to sacrifice for a person or cause and never think of oneself first. Loyalty is easy to have through good times in life, however true loyalty is when a person is still devoted to something even in the bad times. Loyalty is altruistic.

Loyalty is not fickle. A teenage girl is a constant companion to her friend. She is always there for her no matter what is going on. Problems start to arise. Even though it would be easy to give up, the girl doesn’t stray from her friend. She works even harder to ensure the health of the relationship because she is loyal. Loyalty is always being a friend when it is easy and when it gets difficult. Loyalty is consistent.

Loyalty is not undependable. A loyal employee has worked for a company for thirty years. He has an outstanding work ethic. Self-motivated and expeditious, he shows his true talents every time he is on the job. When a co-worker or boss asks him to do a task, he always gets it done in an efficient and punctual manner. Everyone at the office trusts him and always comes to him when they need something done because of his extraordinary faithfulness to the company. Loyalty is reliable. Loyalty is like an albatross, flying freely through the cool breeze. Though it may travel for...
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