Baseball and Famous Softball Players
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Running head: Softball

History of Softball Sports has been linked back to the Aztec Indians in the 1500’s. Every culture has had some influence by sports. The Indians played sports, the Africans played, and Europeans played sports. Sports have been a great impact on the world. I can’t remember what it was like not to be in a sport, I have been competing so long. Sports teach adolescents, as well as some younger children integrity, hard work, perseverance, and in some cases maturity, as well as many other much needed aspects to succeed in life. Sports create competitions, and competition brings out the best in athletes, starting with the Olympics. I feel athletics and competition carries over even after athletic careers are done, and you go onto the real world. People are always competing for the better jobs, and benefits that will help themselves, a constant race. Softball could be considered one of America’s greatest sports, and in today’s world not only for females, but it is one of the most popular female sports in America. My high schools softball coach always argued that hitting a softball is the hardest thing to accomplish among any sport. I never agreed; I always debated that stopping a hockey goal would be harder. Then when I began to research softball a little more and I had to come to agree with my high school’s softball coach. I thought about it, some of the girls have to pick up the ball and try to hit it as hard as they possibly can. The pitcher is only about 40 feet away from the batters boxes, so that isn’t a whole lot of time for the batter to get an eye on the ball ( Some Pitchers can also throw varieties of different pitches, from the rise ball to the curve ball to the change up. Not only do the batters have 35 feet to get their eye on the ball, they also have to view the type of movement that is on the ball. In softball, the pitchers throw underhand; this makes the pitch very difficult to read at

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