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Gian Ciccone

Dr. Wirshing

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22 February 2012

Baseball and Softball

People generally think baseball and softball are the same sport. Both are similar in many ways but at the same time they are very different. Both the sports involve nine players on the field. The ball field for both consists of four bases that form a square, also known as a diamond, yet both fields are different. Both have the same concept which is to hit the ball, get on base and run all the way around to score a point; but the strategies are so different. Baseball is mainly long ball and softball is mainly a short game. The number of innings for each game is also different between baseball and softball. Softball games consist of seven innings while baseball games consist of 9 innings.

Baseball and softball are played with a bat and ball; however, the bats are the same in shape but not in size, while the balls are different in size and sometimes color. The bats for baseball are made out of a solid piece of wood for major league players and softball bats are made mostly of aluminum or carbon fiber. In softball, the distance from the pitchers mound to home plate it measures 43 feet in length. The pitching circle is 12 feet in diameter. In baseball, it

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is different, the base path at 90 feet apart, and pitched by the pitcher mound is 60 feet to home plate.

The size of a base ball is about nine inches in circumference and is thrown hard, pitched, by the pitcher in pretty much a straight line up to eighty to ninety miles an hour to a batter that is trying to hit the ball in play. A softball is about the size of a grapefruit, twelve inches in circumference and is pitched in an arcing angle and much slower. The leather on a baseball is always white, where a softball usually is yellow but can be white too.

In conclusion, baseball and softball are similar, but there are very obvious differences beyond just...
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