Topics: Baseball, Major League Baseball, Negro league baseball Pages: 3 (922 words) Published: August 5, 2013
English comp II
Professor Strain
July 29, 2013
Baseball is popular game that is played in nine innings, they have a beginning where they get warmed up, a middle where they score and celebrate, and an end which is slowing down until the end of the game is called. In the play Fences by August Wilson baseball is a major theme. The play is written in nine acts just like a baseball game, it also has high points like getting home runs, and it also has downs like every baseball game has. The main character Troy Maxson was a hitter for the Negro leagues, he was an outstanding player. Troy’s life is somewhat like playing a game of baseball, he started out young which would be his beginning, he then played in the major ‘negro’ league which is his middle and climax, and his end of the game is where the story takes place and the game is called at the end of his life. The story starts off with Troy and his friend Bono coming home from work, they have a tradition for payday, have drinks. In this first act we learn how Troy was a major baseball player in the Negro Leagues when he was younger and before the war when the colored and whites were segregated. His wife Rose tells him about their son Cory being recruited by a football team when Troy starts getting irritated because to him sports never got him anywhere in life. “I told that boy about that football stuff. The white man ain’t gonna let him get nowhere with that football. I told him when he first come to me with it. Now you come telling me he done went and got more tied up in it. He ought to go and get recruited in how to fix cars or something where he can make a living” (1.1.65-68). He thinks that because going big in baseball did not work out for him that it is pointless for his son to try even if it is just for fun. Rose told him that times have changed and life is different now but he does not want to listen, he is set in his own ways of thinking. He takes his responsibilities of taking care of his family...

Cited: Metzger, Sheri. "An essay on Fences." Drama for Students. Detroit: Gale. Literature Resource Center. Web. 24 July 2013.
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