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About Mega Carpool
• India’s first GPS/GPRS based dynamic carpool service in partners with Airtel catering to Delhi/NCR

• It is backed by HICC which is the leading infrastructure company currently developing the underground parking system in new Delhi

Facts and Figures
• • Number of registered car in Delhi itself increase by 51% in past 30 years We spend approximately 3.7 billion hours on the traffic jam per year India contributes around 5% of global carbon dioxide emissions 40% of carbon emission is contributed by the private cars Global warming is not only a threat to our future health, it already contributes to more than 150,000 deaths and 5 million illnesses annually

• • •

Mega carpool Campaign
• • • • • • • • Sickening road congestion Bumper Traffic Jams Rising fuel prices Alarming levels of pollution Office deadlines, stressed out from driving Gridlock and Road rage Multiplying number of cars Burning eyes and awful headache

“Our vision is to provide a revolutionized intelligent transport solution with cent percent customer satisfaction. Our aim is to make a holistic family of happy travelers to feel connected at all times through our service.”

“Our mission is to be a leader as the best dynamic carpool service with flexible method of travel which dovetails into everyday life while reducing individual carbon footprints. To make a healthy society and offering a high quality life with 360 degree travel care .

Existing Scenario - Micro Carpool
• Formal carpooling is thought to have emerged in mid-1970s likely due to the oil crisis at that time. . • Now days, Carpooling is done by car owners living in same/nearby localities working in same/nearby offices, having same timings of going to work and coming back • The place and time of gathering in the morning and in the evening is also predetermined which is being done amongst themselves. • A Partner not possessing a car, shares fuel expenses with other partners

Drawbacks of Micro Carpool
• It is difficult to find reliable partners with consistently matching travel needs • Unreasonable consistency demand • No help for 'during-the-day' and different-from-regular travel destinations • Members often end up feeling that they have given more rides than they have availed from other members • Safety issue

How Mega Carpool is Different ?
• Mega carpool introduces a revolutionary new convenience level for daily commuting • Use of GPS/GPRS technology on ‘My Screen’ to make our services more convenient, smoother and faster • We provide dynamic carpooling services with automated matching search engine • Reliable and quality people for ride sharing on Fixed Routes and Ad hoc Routes • Profile-based matching with many security features

‘My Screen’

‘My Screen’ Features
• • • • • • • • • • • • We are providing GPS based ‘My Screen’ with smart card SIM enabled ‘My Screen’ features: Navigator Payments of Utility bills e.g. Electricity, telephone etc Panic button for emergency Traffic updates, passage through BRT and parking ticket cuts Bluetooth, Organizer, calculator and much more Multimedia Services like Movies, Games and Music Surf Internet, get live Stock, News, Cricket, Astrology updates Discount coupons and vouchers according to individual preferences Location based pop ups of nearest restaurant , ATM, petrol pump & Hospital etc Airtel value added services

E-PAYMENTS Make E-payments using M-Check on ‘My Screen’ which is a gateway to make Payments like telephone bills etc Purchase Transfer money Account statement Void transaction

NAVIGATION Traffic updates to avoid traffic congestion Shortest path from origin, via, destination Vehicle tracking Information of one-way road segments Speed limits on roads

ACCESSORIES Internet explorer Calculator Calendar/ scheduler/Note pad World time Alarm Converter MULTIMEDIA Movies and music Games SMS /chatting Download Photograph Bluetooth

PANIC BUTTON Mega call...
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