Bartolomeu Dias Biography

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bartolomeu dias

Early Life
Why on earth would a person sail around the southernmost tip of Africa without modern sailing technology such as GPS? Bartolomeu Dias was such a person to accomplish his great voyage around the Cape of Good Hope. He was born in Portugal around 1450 and was a Portuguese navigator and explorer and was known as the first European who sailed around the southernmost tip of Africa and reached the Cape of Good Hope. Bartolomeu Dias’ achievement had ultimately led to expansion of trade routes and the foundation Portuguese Empire. He came from a Portuguese noble family and his father was a member of a Portuguese court (Alchin). When he grew up, he also became a member of the royal Portuguese court like his father. Some people believed that his descendants were seamen and explorers. When Bartolomeu Dias was young, he could receive high-level education compared to other ordinary people. He also leant many languages, physics, geometry, mathematics, and astronomy. The privileged childhood that he led, such as environment that he was in and the education that he received allowed him to be well-educated and be able to sail around the world. Despite his cleverness, his navigational and sailing skill was extremely high and later he became the sailing-master of the man-of-war which was British Royal Navy description for a strong warship. Through years of voyage, Bartolomeu Dias discovered the sea route around Africa and his voyage lead to the foundation of Portuguese Empire which helped to make the trade between Africa and Asia increase.

Bortolomeu Dias is a well known Portuguese navigator who is the first to travel around the southern tip of Africa and name it the Cape of Good Hope. He comes from a noble family, so he can have much support even if the country didn’t support him. Dias’ family is not only rich, but also much of his relatives have seagoing background. Since he comes from a noble family, he was...
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