Bartlett, Robert. the Making of Europe

Topics: Europe, Middle Ages, Western Europe Pages: 4 (1071 words) Published: September 26, 2010
Richard Anthony
History of Western Civilization
Instructor: Michael Hill, M.A.
Essay Two, Question One (General)

During the High Middle Ages Europe engaged in a process of expansion, cultural centralization and colonization. The Frankish cultures spread from the base of France, Northern Italy, and Western Germany and systematically conquered and colonized regions in Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean and Celtic area through the spread of Bishoprics, emigration of the aristocratic class and the innovation in productive military technology. First, the bishoprics of the Latin Christian church spread in all direction from their strongest concentration, mainly the Carolingian empire, throughout Spain, Italy, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean. The system that was in place was solid, they hold an obligated role to the church, they were given cathedrals, and they recognized the authority of the papacy. In addition, the bishoprics had specific names and were highly territorial where lands and boundaries were defined exactly and well known. During the eleventh and tenth century Eastern Europe went through a significant transformation under the German emperor Otto I. According to Bartlett, he established a series of bishoprics along his eastern and northern boundaries (7). He conquered the pagan Slav territory and embarked on a mission to promote Christianity in Denmark. Magdeburg became the center of the Ottonian conquests throughout the region after its status was elevated to archbishopric. Furthermore, German influenced the launch of several bishoprics in Poland and Hungary. According to Bartlett, during this period numerous churches were established throughout a vast part of eastern and central Europe (8). As a result, the expansion of the Latin Church advanced into Scandinavia. The number of bishoprics throughout Denmark’s mainland and surrounding islands were significantly increased. According to Bartlett, during the...

Cited: Bartlett, Robert. The Making of Europe. New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 1994
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