Bartending Informative speech outline

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Topic is about Bartending and how to make good tips.
The Specific Purpose for talking about this is to give some insight on making decent money if you ever have to resort to a job like this. While in college (maybe even after) you can make quick cash bartending. (I.e. as a job, or at a party)

Thesis: To make good money and be a good bartender you must have interpersonal skills, you have to “know your stuff,” and you have to have good memory and speed. 1) Interpersonal Skills:
You have to be able to communicate with customers.
You have to be able to listen when they tell you what they want. You have to have a positive attitude and be outgoing. (people like that) You have to know how to be tolerant (rude people) and have patience (slow people). Be Respectful

2) Know Your Stuff:
Knowledge is Key.
Know your drinks.
-how to make them
-what’s top shelf, what’s on draft
-what type of glass they go in (tall, short, etc.)
-prices (in case customer asks or if there is no menu)
- Extras (lime, lemon, strawberry, etc.)
Know the Lingo. (several terms)
1) Virgin 2) Tot (small amount of liquor) 3) On the Rocks 4) NFL 5) Shot (1 oz.) 6) Splash (1/8 oz.)
“If you know your stuff and know where everything is you’ll make great tips. It just takes a little bit or practice.” -Patrick Bellanger: Food & Beverage Director @ a cocktail lounge 3) Speed and Memory:

Speed is important.
-If you go way too fast, you might spill something.
- If you are too slow, customers will get upset (especially drunks). Remember your regulars and what they like to drink. (People tip better when you remember them) Who gets what (cheat sheet).
These are some tips on how to make decent money if you ever have to resort to a job like this. There are over ½ a million bartending jobs and you only have to be 18. These skills help improve you in your everyday life (people skills, better memory, increase in speed). Just remember...

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