Barriers to Communication, L2 Dip Ccld Unit 3

Topics: Communication, Language, Nonverbal communication Pages: 2 (456 words) Published: August 25, 2013
Barriers to communication| Ways to overcome the barrier|
A person could be deaf, so obviously they cannot hear what any body is saying to them, they wouldn’t be able to hear somebody calling them over and they wont know if people are talking about them which could also lower their self esteem.| This person could still be communicated with by others that know sign language, people could learn sign language so they can interact and communicate with this person, or written communication could be used so people are still able to talk to this person.| People from different cultures may not speak the same language which is a barrier to communication, because they will not be able to understand what you are saying and you will not be able to understand them.| This can be solved by having a translator to help you communicate, you could also try to understand their language by having someone teach you. Pictures and signs could be used to communicate visually making it easier to communicate.| Having a lack of confidence could be a barrier to communication because the person wont feel confident enough to speak to you, be nervous, shy and scared, and lack of confidence could prevent communication skills from developing.| Ways to overcome this could be to make the person feel comfortable, start off the conversation, make the person feel like you are interested and make them feel better about them selves.| If a person is blind they could feel uncomfortable speaking to people because they wont be able to see who they’re talking too, feel vulnerable, scared and unsafe.| Having a person that they know and feel comfortable around with them, would help because they then would feel safe and secure having somebody they trust with them| Speech difficulties, a person may not be able to speak due to damage to the brain or vocal cords or any other problems they may have which doesn't allow them to speak.| Electronic speech synthesizers could solve this problem, it allows...
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