barriers to communication

Topics: Feedback, Psychology, Communication Pages: 1 (210 words) Published: November 27, 2014
Overcoming Barriers to Communication

Physical Barriers

Psychological Barriers

Semantic Barriers

Organizational Barriers

Interpersonal Barriers

Methods to Overcome Barriers
Make suitable seating arrangement.
Ensure audibility and visibility.
Minimize visual and aural distractions.
Provide environmental comfort.
Proper Posture.

Plan and clarify ideas and opinions.
Collate ideas or suggestions of others.
Support decision making.
Call attention and motivate the listener.
Use feedback process.
Develop trust and confidence.
Explain the importance of the message.
Provide assistance to comprehend the message clearly.
Make it a purposeful communication.
Direct it to a purpose.
Time your message carefully.
Catch up with individual background.
Use simple and precise language.
Use less verbalism.
Use suitable language.
Employ different methods of communication.
Avoid ambiguous and abstract words.
Avoid polysemic words which create confusion.
Make it a two-way process.
Provide network to permit direct access from top to bottom
and vice versa.
Dissemination of information through various channels.
Establish feedback system.
Use informal channel of communication: grapevine.
Provide information to the concerned person.
Avoid unnecessary information.
Purposeful communication
Explain the importance of message.
Clarity in emotional expressions.
Attitude of sender and receiver.
Prefer positive attitude.
Create a climate of trust and confidence.
Time your message carefully i.e. what, where, when, how, why to say.
Attentive listening with full concentration.

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