Barred Owl and Amelia Earhart

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Tuesday, July 6th, 1937

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Voices Heard on the Radio
Two people hear Amelia Earhart’s voice on the radio.

Today in Florida Betty Klenck quotes, that she heard Amelia Earhart’s voice on the radio. She told her father when he got home then he told a radio man who happened to work for Itasca, who turned them down. The reason why they turned them down is because she lives in Florida and Earhart is in the Pacific Ocean. That is approximately 2,584 miles far from each other. To rewind back a day ago, the first person to hear the sayings from Earhart was Dana Randolph. As a radio amateur, he was listening to a radio while he was working and he heard a female voice. He told his father, who told a radioman, who came home with Dana’s father to hear the proof, and he did. She said she was south of the equator. Then the signal died and it went to static. So Itasca went to that location but sadly found nothing. Betty’s story was that she was in her backyard and she heard a male and female voice. They sounded as if they were in a closed space. A plane maybe.


Serrah Nau

Amelia Earhart before take-off

The Owl Comes Into Its Own

Lions found playing on road.

Washington — The day after a frigid, star-salted night spent tromping through the Alexandria woods with David Johnson of the Global Owl Project, and listening to the stridently mournful cries of wild barred owls that remained hidden from view, I stopped by the National Zoo around sunset to take visual measure of the birds I had heard The two barred, or Strix varia, owls were just rousing themselves in the outdoor enclosure, and they looked bigger and more shaggily...
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