Baroque Period Through the Romantic Age

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Baroque Period through the Romantic Age
When we look at Baroque Art we are looking at the art of the 17th century. There seem to be a strong influence on the spiritual activity; this art creates a form of energy, movement and passion. Artist were able to capture the essence in soul of what they were feeling and expressing themselves through their work. The Following three works of art focus on a religious content and are from the Baroque period. Image #1 “ The Raising of the Cross”
Image #2 “Return of the Prodigal Son”

Image 3 “ The Conversion of Saint Paul”

A description of the works including the style.
Image #1, The Raising of the Cross” Peter Paul Rubens is an Oil on panel painting from the Baroque period. Although this is a triptych panel painting on one story line is portrayed in this image. Peter Paul Rubens (born June 28, 1577) was one of the most charismatic and influential Flemish painters of the 'Renaissance' period. (Labedzki 2013). This painting depicts the last moments of the life of Jesus Christ prior to the crucifixion. This shows a mirror image of the visual impact that of bold colors and those who were condemning Christ is shown in seminude muscular bodies men at the bottom. The Cross is hidden behind the Christ although the whole picture is centered around the Christ and those following and carrying are in the bottom.

Image #2, “Return of the Prodigal Son” is Oil on Canvas by Rembrandt Van Rijn. This painting depicts the illustration of a fathers love for his lost son. He shows his son mercy and grace by receiving, It goes beyond the works of all other Baroque artists in the evocation of religious mood and human sympathy (Rembrandt 2012). This religious scene gives us the understanding of the Love that God has for us as children. The key figures are located in the left center of the painting while the other servants are in the distance

Image # 3. “ The Conversion of Saint Paul” is Oil on Canvas, by Michelangelo Meriside Caravaggio. This image of the Baroque period also a religious tone shows the awesome conversion of St Paul on the Road to Damascus. The lines on that these artists used were usually diffused most of the time. All three images were completed defined to the very detail of making the story come alive as you watch the movement of the work of art. The key figures are Saul/Paul on the ground and the bright light is the focal point of this painting.

The conversion of St Paul was one of the monumental pieces that Caravaggio created when he was not yet 30 years of age. He decided to devote his art to the religious theme because of the dramatic, violence and character of the images and story. Rome was where he lived and where most of his life was spent creating and painting. Caravaggio was an opponent of both intellectual Mannerism and classicism. While managing to maintain a deeply spiritual and poetry feel with his work Caravaggio was able to use common people in ordinary settings. Although not popular with common people, Caravaggio gained respect by artist of his times and has been admired for his religious theme in his work.

The Raising of the Cross-demonstrates the artist's synthesis of Tintoretto's Crucifixion for the Scuola di San Rocco in Venice, Michelangelo's dynamic figures, and Rubens's own personal style. This painting has been held as a prime example of Baroque religious art. (CC 2013). Being raised catholic afforded him the ability to become a leading voice in the Catholic- Counter reformation style of painting. Ruben impact of Italy was a very good connection, he was able to learn from many great names of his time and receive high honor from the Duke. I would venture to express that...

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