Baroque Era: Questions

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Dates: 1600-17501. What does musical style mean? An expressive style of music 2. What was going historically during this era? What was life like? 3. Was did the term Baroque originally mean? An insult to describe a misshapen or oddly colored pearl 4. Why did early baroque composers favor homophony?

5. What texture did late baroque composers prefer? Polyphonic 6. The musical style of the Baroque era began in what country and then spread Throughout Europe? Italy
7. Church modes gradually gave way to what? Major/ minor scale/tonal system 8. Did instrumental music become just as important as vocal music? 9. What are some characteristic traits of baroque rhythms? Regular meter and bar lines are finally present: rhythmic patterns repeated throughout a piece. 10. What are some characteristic traits of baroque melodies? Elaborate and ornamental; not symmetrical (phrases not of equal length); melodic patterns. 11 .What are the dynamics like in Baroque music?

12. Were chords becoming more important? No
13. What voices or parts become more important? Bass- because of the chordal structure (root of the chord in the bass), soprano—because of the melody lines. 14 .What is the basso continuo? What instruments play it? The bass line/part of the music in addition to the group of instruments playing the part. Keyboard and a cello, bassoon, etc. 15. What was a baroque orchestra like?

16. What family of instruments were the most important? Strings 17. What is a movement? Did baroque compositions often consist of multiple movements? A movement is an independent section of a larger work, like a chapter of a book. It is often related in some way (by key structure or melodic or rhythmic motif) to the larger work as a whole. Baroque music was often segmented into movements, slow-fast-slow (French Overture) or fast-slow-fast (The sinfonia, or Italian overture), and into dance movements, as in Handel's Water Music or Bach's lute suites 18. What is the primary or...
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