Barnes & Noble vs. Amazon.Com

Topics: E-book, Amazon Kindle, Pages: 2 (791 words) Published: May 26, 2012
Maxo Felix

Barnes and Noble Versus

Barnes and Noble and its major competitor, Amazon, a Specialty store that is competing to be the number one top source of obtaining reading materials that consumers are buying. Besides Amazon, Barnes and noble have had many other book store competitors but they successfully exceed these competitors and became the number one bookstore in the nation. Since Barnes and Noble had little pricing power, it has not solidified a high market position when it comes to these groups of retailers, like, which is known for providing discount pricing that most companies would struggle to match. As competition increase Barnes and Noble lunched their own website and try to match Amazon business model, for example their e-book reader call the Nook compares to Amazon’s Kindle. Amazon had upgraded the kindle throughout the years to make it more efficient and user friendly. Amazon sold electronic books, which was more efficient, lighter to use, contained many different books at a very low price in one small electronic call the kindle, whereas Barnes & Noble was selling hard copy books. security and privacy was for consumers to use credit/debit cards that allow customers to monitor their payments through their bank accounts, not worrying about getting Rob or having to carry a load of cash to go buy books. Barnes and Noble in the past didn’t have that security and privacy because every customer needed cash to go buy from their stores. While competition start increasing a little more, both companies start giving out high discounts offers. It was easier for Amazon to give out these high discounts because being that Amazon is a specialty stores that offered third-party business, this allowed their customers and other business sellers become more accessible through to their website. had many sponsors and variety of goods and services for sale, other than books and...
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