Barking Dog

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An idle brain is the devil's workshop
Fortune knocks once at every man's door
Necessity is the mother of invention
Speech is silver, silence is golden| | |
Absence makes the heart grow fonder
Experience is the best teacher
We never miss the water till the well runs dry

 Don't be afraid of dogs that bark or people that threaten you (say they will do something bad to you) - in both cases they rarely take action. A barking dog seldom bites,” is of Latin origin.

 I realized that the barking was not out of anger but out of fear.  Lesson: This can be true with certain people too. It is their 'insecurities' and jealousy that causes them to attack you for no reason. And if you can ignore those people for long enough, even people around them would get fed up with their constant nagging, criticism and slander.  We may be sometimes provoked to react and behave like wise but remember that the enemy is very good in sending people to provoke you. Thats one thing he is very good at.

There are various ways people vent out their anger. Some people hurls expletive words at others to vent out his anger, while some bangs things on the floor, some go wild and hurt the others, some sabotage other things and so on. These are all expressions of anger. Once the anger is blown over, he does not harm further. If the steam is not let off, it can blast. In the similar line of action, the dogs which bark are putting out their anger, fear, alarm of danger and things like that by way of barking and then they do not go farther to bite. To say it differently, for Dogs barking or biting are their way of venting out and if they choose former hardly then do they need to choose the later. This is what I conceive but if there is any tale behind this idiom then I do not know. The study of etymology has come a long way and it is very deep but very interesting. By the way where have to provide such material. When I read your question about an idiom, I pat chose to answer. Because idiom...
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