Barista vs Caffe Coffe Day

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By Skyline College*
MILAN - The following article is a summary extract from the dissertation projects of the MBA and BBA students of Skyline College. Skyline, situated in Delhi and Gurgaon (NCR) is a premier institute providing management education specialising in MBA and BBA degrees and specialist courses for travel and tourism as well as mass communication.

For further information on the article content or on the institute please click to visit the official college website. This dissertation was completed by Saroj Shahbaz Naiyar (2007 – 2009) on the topic Barista Vs Café Coffee Day a Comparative Study.

Summary The objective of the thesis is “To compare and study Barista & Café Coffee Day, identify areas of excellence and areas needing improvement; and provide suggestions for such improvement”. The aim of this Thesis is to successfully compare two prominent service sector companies on a common platform, analyze their working and performance, and highlight what they are doing well, while providing suggestions and recommendations for improvement. Barista and Café Coffee Day were chosen because of their identical pattern of functioning and growth. They are the only two major players in the national coffee café industry, and their customers consider both as interchangeable brands. This is why it is important to study how these brands differentiate themselves from each other, and attempt to improve brand loyalty amongst their customers.

For the purpose of this study, I prepared a questionnaire, to find out the relevant primary data pertaining to the functioning and working of both Barista and Café Coffee Day.

The data was collected based on information provided by:

1.   The management of the organization.
2.   Customers visiting Barista and Café Coffee Day outlets.

Besides the primary data collected with the help of the questionnaire, I have also collected the relevant secondary data from various sources like magazines, books and Internet and newspapers. Based on the relevant primary and secondary data, a comparative analysis has been done so as to find out the areas of excellence and areas of improvement of both organizations.

The areas of excellence and improvement have been identified based on factual information, in light of which recommendations and suggestions have been provided for the overall improvement of the organizations in the future.

This Thesis is conducted in Gurgaon, India; so the information is relative to this city.

The main objectives could be:
1.       To understand market performance of Barista & Café Coffee Day. 2.       To do a SWOT analysis.
3.       To understand consumer perception.
4.       To analyze there target consumer& marketing mix(7P’s). Conclusion: Areas of Excellence

Both cafés have certain areas where they have been consistently performing well. These are essentially the strengths of the brand, and Barista & Café Coffee Day need to capitalize on these strengths to increase their market share and brand loyalty. The main areas of excellence, based on the Case Studies & Market Survey, have been identified as follows:

1.   Strong Brand Image:
Barista has a strong and clear brand image. Their customers can easily identify and relate to the Barista brand. This helps increase and maintain brand loyalty. 2.   Excellent Human Resource:
According to the survey, Barista received an excellent rating for the service and behavior of their staff. This is a huge advantage, especially in a service organization. Barista must strive to keep this advantage. 3.   Ambience & Décor:

Another significant area of excellence is the kind of ambience and décor Barista cafés have. Respondents to the survey, including whose who chose Café Coffee Day as their choice of café gave Barista a near perfect rating for their Ambience & Décor. 4.   Strong base for expansion & growth: Barista have worked hard on heir brand image and human...
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