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Building the Starbucks Brand
So far, Starbucks has spent very little money on advertising, preferring instead to build the brand cup by cup with customers and depend on word-of-mouth and the appeal of its storefronts. The company was, however, engaged in a growing effort to extend the Starbucks brand and penetrate new markets. In addition to expanding internationally, venturing into ice cream with Dreyer's and into Frappuccino with Pepsi, partnering with licensees, and developing specialty and mail-order sales. STARBUCKS MISSION

“To inspire and nurture the human spirit— one person, one cup, and one neighbourhood at a time.”

EXPERIENCE is about these 3 P’s:
1.People- the baristas and their connection with customers. 2.Place - the physical stores, their design and aroma
3.Product – the beverages, food, and merchandise
4.Price -
5.Promotion -
6.Physical Evidence -
7.Process -
(People & Product) Customer connection and a fresh, hand-made beverage. The newer automatic machines that replaced the La Marzoccos are faster, but blocked the visual sight line the customer previously had to watch the drink being made, and for the intimate experience with the barista.” It seems that the personal connection between the baristas and the customers is the core of their experience.

(Place) The Aroma. “...The loss of our people scooping fresh coffee from the bins and grinding it fresh in front of the customer, …” Some say the sale of hot food has detracted from the coffee aroma that customers attach to Starbucks stores.

(Place) Store Design. Design of their stores has taken on a more streamlined feel to gain efficiencies. But that resulted in the stores losing their charm and uniqueness. Starbucks has “stores that no longer have the soul of the past and reflect a chain of stores vs. the warm feeling of a neighborhood store. Some people even call the stores sterile, cookie cutter, no longer reflecting the passion their partners feel about our coffee.”

(Product) Coffee related merchandise. As a purveyor of fine coffee and tea, Starbucks has struggled as of late to get their merchandise to reflect their brand and their history. “Some stores don’t have coffee grinders, French presses from Bodum, or even coffee filters.”

A more focused approach would be:
(a)Participating in social media and (b) Gathering customer suggestions would be easier for a company with no meaningful social media experience to manage. It would also make it easier for Starbucks customers to follow-along. The current MyStarbucksIdea website is already unwieldy — lots of wayward ideas have been suggested and many of the ideas suggested are repeated numerous times in various categories. This website will only get more unwieldy.

Points of difference:
1.Starbucks provides its customers with a Starbucks Card through which they can have an easy and fast access to the menu items and discounts. These cards are customizable and can be designed by the customers themselves as per their likings. 2.Starbucks follows an environment friendly drive in which every time a customer brings a reusable travel mug gets a 10 cent discount on any Starbucks beverage, anytime. Starbucks passion for reducing cup waste did not start with the Green Project. Since 1985, they have offered a discount to customers who bring in a reusable travel mug and will continue doing so. This is just one of the ways they are fulfilling their commitment to environmental stewardship while working towards a long-term goal of 100% reusable or recyclable cups by 2015. 3.It also offers its customers with various coffee and tea gifts. Customers can register and participate in a 3 months program in which they are sent special exotic flavors of coffee from around the world.


As of today, Barista exists in over 22 cities, and operates over 140 outlets nationally. In the last 2 years, Barista has opened over 100 outlets in the country and with a new outlet...
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