Barilla Spa

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Barilla SpA Discussion Questions
Discussion questions for the "Barilla SpA" case study

| Demand Patterns     (0 Messages ) Look at Exhibit 12 (Orders from Cortese NE DC to Pedrignano CDC). Based on what you've read in the case study, what is causing the distributor's order pattern to look this way? What are the underlying causes in the large fluctuations in order quantities? | | Impact of Demand Patterns     (0 Messages ) What is the impact of the fluctuation seen in Exhibit 12? How much does it cost to have an order pattern like this? Which cost categories are most affected? | | The JITD Proposal     (0 Messages ) Clearly the variation in demand is imposing additional costs on the distribution channel. What are the benefits of Brando Vitale's JITD proposal as a mechanism for reducing these costs? How should it work? | | A Centrally Controlled Product Delivery Sequence     (0 Messages ) What makes Barilla think it can do a better job of determining a good product delivery sequence than its distributors? Why should the JITD proposal work? | | Resistance     (0 Messages ) Why are Barilla's customers so resistant to the JITD idea? What is the reasoning from their perspective? | | Making the JITD Successful     (0 Messages ) What can Maggiali do to persuade Barilla's customers to try the JITD program? What needs to happen for the JITD program to be successful? |

Harley Davidson Motor Company: Enterprise Software Selection Discussion Questions Discussion questions for the "Harley Davidson Motor Company: Enterprise Software Selection" case study.

| Problems     (0 Messages ) What are the problems that Harley-Davidson are facing? Why do you think the Harley-Davidson team is choosing to solve the problems using an Enterprise Software System? | | Request for Proposal (Quote)     (0 Messages ) In this case, they discuss a Request for Quote (RFQ), which is also known as a Request for Proposal. What do they mean by this? Share past...
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