Barefoot vs. Running Shoe

Topics: Barefoot running, Athletic shoe, Shoe Pages: 2 (561 words) Published: April 20, 2011
Barefoot Vs. Running Shoe
To everyone in America probably the most used exercise in personal fitness is simply running. It is easy, simple, and extremely beneficial to do. With the increase of people who run professionally, recreationally, and for fitness a new issue as arose. That issue is the debate between running while wearing specially made running shoes or taking the “natural” approach and running barefoot or with minimalist running shoes. I recently read an article discussing, with evidence, this issue. The article gives reasons why barefoot running can benefit you better than shod running, but also that it is not for everyone.

The first main point expressed in the article is that heavily cushioned shoes don’t allow your feet and legs to work how they are supposed to. There are a few ways that running shoes do this. The first is that running shoes promote a heel striking stride that makes people more susceptible to injury. Barefoot running on the other hand changes your stride to land on your forefoot which is better for your legs. Another way is that that cushioned shoes prevent your feet from properly sensing the ground which can cause you to slam your feet down harder than if you didn’t have shoes on. This can also cause you to run in a way and distances longer than you normally could or should do.

The second main point states the idea that running barefoot is not dangerous to your feet and legs if done correctly. The main support for this claim in the article is based on the adaptability of the foot. Running barefoot allows you’re a foot to adjust to any surface, even concrete. The article also says that overtime many people can adjust to running barefoot or with minimal cushioning. This can bring many benefits such as reducing energy use, relieve stress on the legs, and reduce injury, and improve performance.

Although the article states that many benefits can result from minimalist running, it also makes sure to point out that it is not for...
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