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Since the technological advancement of the modern world, information gathering, storing, and tracking have become easier and faster. Computerized systems around the world have been fast emerging. Many business establishments have been using computerized systems already. Computerized office systems are systems where transactions can be made through automated process. The New Season Commercial which is a grocery store and owned by Jaime Chu, and managed by his daughter Raquel Chu Relevo, located at Rizal St., Ormoc City, along Dunkin Donut, uses the manual system and cash registers in purchasing and making an inventory, Their present procedure is to make an inventory of their products once a year and their daily sales. Every person who wishes to purchase any of their products goes to the cashier to have these products punched and sold. And in making their inventories, they just list down the products that have been stocked-in and stocked-out. This kind of transaction is bulky, takes a lot of time, and prone to errors. There is a need for an automation of the current system of the said establishment to make the transactions faster and prevent or minimize errors, so the proponent would like to propose a system which is “Computerized Sales and Inventory System with Barcode Technology.” The proposed system aims to create a faster business for the owners and for the customers as well. The proposed system will help the user to track all the products information that are coming in and out and know the status of the business. The system will help the said establishment to have another system that will upgrade the sales and inventory processes so as to achieve the quality that they try to meet. The system that the proponent wants to develop will help the process of data management become more efficient and easier. It is a solution designed with an optimized and systematic Automated Sales and Inventory System that has a user friendly interface as well as a systematic and automated approach for easier handling and improvement of the Data Management System. This project demonstrates the efficient and effective data, Sales and Inventory management. It uses less time in accessing data or information about client and at the same time makes the process of business become faster.

The theoretical framework that will be used in this study is the Input-Process-Output Model. In the IPO model, a process is viewed as a series of boxes (processing elements) connected by inputs and outputs. Information of material objects flow through a set series of tasks or activities based on a set of rules or decision points. Flow charts and process diagrams are often used to represent the process. What goes in is the input; what causes the change is the process; and what comes out is the output (Harris and Taylor, 1997).

Figure 1.1The IPO Model

The IPO model will provide the general structure and guide for the direction of the study. Substituting the variables of this study on the IPO model, the researchers came up with the conceptual framework. CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK

Automation of Sales and inventory system in every organization is an important issue in every business. A Computerized Sales and Inventory System makes the transaction process faster and accurate, thus a well-structured inventory system would give the organization proper control of their stocks. This study will use the input-process-output diagram to come up with a Computerized Sales and Inventory System with Barcode Technology for New Season Commercial.

Figure 1.2Conceptual Framework Diagram

Explanation of the Conceptual Framework Diagram
Input. The first variable is the current Sales and Inventory System of New Season Commercial which is a manual system as provided based on interviews and observations by the researcher. It will include policies and procedures by the management currently implemented for...

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