Barbie vs. Bratz

Topics: Bratz, MGA Entertainment, Mattel Pages: 2 (450 words) Published: October 8, 2010
At fifty years old, Barie has done it all. You name it, she has done. Barbie is an international household name. But at 50 years old, Barbie may just need to concede to younger models. Is Barbie’s trouble because she’s too old or is it because of competition? The WSJ is highlighting competition as one of Barbie’s troubles. The Bratz doll created by MGA entertainment whose urban style is a trendier hip hop fashion the Liv dolls and Moxie Girlz are the competition that is sending Barbie’s sales number spiraling over the last few years and the next few to come. Mattel has year after year strategically reinvented Barbie to fit with the times, but have often come up short. The 2009 third quarter revenues were down by 8%, and Barbie’s sales were down 8% worldwide. , In addition to accessories, Moxie Girlz can be created with video journals Moxie Girlz, created by Spin Master whose image is a “ more wholesome-looking version of Bratz, with flowing hair, hip clothing and accessories that can be colored by hand.” In 2001 a new line of Dolls called Bratz, made by MGA Entertainment, Inc. took the Doll world by storm and by 2005 grew to 50% of the of the fashion doll market that once belonged to Barbie. During this time, Mattel came up with their own version of “Bratz” and failed miserably. Their line of wanna be Bratz dolls called flava “stayed on the market for less than a year”. This Barbie line can be compared to Paris Hilton wearing an Addidas running suit with fat laces on her sneakers. It just doesn’t’ work. Barbie just isn’t as popular anymore among girls anymore. Girls are becoming more interested in Wii, and iPods. What has Mattel done strategically to save Barbie and “regain her tiara”? With 3rd quarter down and fourth quarter ….looking to see a spike in the coming months. Maybe Barbie needs to eat some more.

The concept of the Bratz doll was developed by….while he worked at Mattel.

Barbie must have been hanging with Ivana Trump who once...
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