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The Barbara Schlifer Commemorative Clinic

The Barbara Schlifer Commemorative Clinic of Toronto was created in memory of Barbara Teena Schlifer who was going to be a lawyer, but was brutally raped and murdered on April 11th 1980. The Barbara Schlifer Commemorative Clinic opened in September of 1985, 5 years after the incident, and was established by two women named Frances Rappaport and Patricia Ashby, who were Barbara’s friends and were going to be her future law partners, in memory of all the great changes Barbara planned on making when she became a lawyer. On April 11th 1985, Mayor of Toronto, named Art Eggleton, announced that April 11th would be Barbara Schlifer Day, in memory of the difference she was going to make throughout her career. This clinic now helps more then 4,000 women each year and has grown to a staff of over 35 people. “We envision a world where all women build lives free from violence. Women in every culture have ways of working together to stop violence. We honour these strengths”(Barbara Schlifer Commemorative Clinic). This clinic makes a difference by helping women who have faced or are currently facing violence/abuse. They have many different professional people you can talk to about your problem, and they help abused women and girls seek professional and legal help.

The Barbara Schlifer Commemorative Clinic is a professional clinic whose goals are to help women who are currently experiencing violence, and to help women cope with their past for women who previously experienced violence. They offer legal representations and professional counseling for the abused women, but this clinic also offers help in more than 90 different languages in order to accommodate to the diversity of races and cultured women who are seeking help. With a budget at nearly $3 million, they have a very wide range of over 35 different, skilled and caring staff members who help women by offering a personal and realistic, hands-on help, which allows women to start to build a new life that is free of pain and suffering. In 2010, they helped 267 women get help starting their new life free of violence by giving them safe and affordable housing and income support (Community Knowledge Center). This clinic wants to really help women start a new life free of violence, and to live their new lives in a good community that gives them a new sense of meaning and belonging in their life. They look at each situation as an individual one, while looking at all the different perspectives, but making sure each woman it treated with compassion. The Commemorative Clinic’s staff respects and enlightens each woman’s way of figuring out their own lives based on their individual values, hopes and opinions. The Barbara Schlifer Commemorative Clinic offers a wide range or services and help to accommodate different womens personal needs. The clinic offers on the phone counseling, advocacy, court support, interpretation services, help for the dead or hearing impaired, help for immigrants, legal help such as lawyers and information regarding everything about them, information on if you have questions on what is “abuse” and if you’re being abused, information on the results of you seeking help such as information on what happens to your children or your partner after you have reached out for help, information on if you are outside of the Toronto area, and much more (Barbara Schlifer Commemorative Clinic). This clinic has a special service as well that provides information to abused men who are seeking counseling services, because they acknowledge that men too can experience abuse. The Schlifer Clinic is in memory of Barbara Schlifer who was going to be a lawyer and fight for social justice, therefore the Clinic’s mission is to continue Barbara’s passion and helping increase justice, the safety of the abused women, and equality for all women everyday. The tragic event happened in Toronto on April 11th 1980 when she was returning home from celebrating...

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