Barangay Information System

Topics: Information, Implementation, Nueva Ecija Pages: 2 (389 words) Published: April 10, 2012
This participatory action-research followed the reflection-input-action-reflection process in allowing barangays to evolve their own information system. Benchmark study, secondary data use, key informants interview and observations were the key data gathering techniques. Data analysis was basically descriptive. This project was implemented in nine barangays of Munoz, Nueva Ecija. Some 83 respondents composed of barangay captains, barangay councilmen, barangay secretaries, barangay treasurers and SK chairmen were interviewed to have a benchmark information regarding their knowledge of and perception on their barangay hall as information center. Majority of the respondents perceived their barangay hall as very useful in terms of serving as venue for meetings and as source of vital information about the barangay and its people. However, they felt that the information are inadequate as basis for planning and in responding to information requests from local government offices. There is still a need to improve its surroundings and provide facilities like chairs, tables, cabinets and enrich the information available in the place. The project also described and documented the Barangay Information System (BIS) implementation process of the nine barangays. It covered the activities that the barangays did in implementing their BIS. There were commonalities among the barangays in following a basic implementation process from orientation meeting in the barangay to data storage and updating. However, there were also observed peculiarities on data gathering techniques and logistics wherein some barangay officials voluntarily used their own money for supplies and materials and even provided snacks for BIS team members during data gathering, data posting/tabulation and data presentation so the activities will not be delayed. The local officials educational attainment and training were the factors that contributed to early completion of BIS activities in some barangays while the...
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