Barangay Hall Information System

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Nowadays, it is very important to be one step ahead, to be able to cope up with the benefits of technology. Having a computerized system is a big use for the barangay halls for them to lessen the time for a certain operation that if done manually can consume so much time and effort. It can also decrease hassle in workplace and provide accurate and fast result that every barangay hall needs. The proponents have chosen information system entitled “Barangay Clearance Issuance System” for the distribution of barangay clearance as our target business, in hopes of providing better ways of monitoring records and transactions instead of having them done manually. San Jose’s barangay hall is one of the local government offices in San Miguel Bulacan. They were committed to serve and care the people for them to have a secured and a better way of living. In the nearly past it was only a residential infrastructure given by an old person (citizen of barangay San Jose). Then it was founded as official barangay hall of San Jose up to date.

Significance of the Study
This study will help the selected barangay to have a more systematic and modern way of recording and searching records. This part of the study discusses about the importance of creating the system for the benefits of the following: For the Barangay Officials- it will lessen their paper works like manually adding and searching of records. For the Citizen- the system will serve as a primary source of documents for the people to save time and effort and to avoid a long queue. For the future barangay officials – It will reduce paper works in adding and searching of records in accordance to the proponents proposed system.

Statement of the Problem
The proponents came up with this study in the needs to lessen the manually adding and searching of records in the selected barangay hall. The general objective of this study is to lessen the manual system process of adding and searching of records. Specifically, this study aims to answer the following question: What are the important features of the developed Barangay Clearance Issuance System? What operational requirements are needed by the system in terms of hardware requirements and software requirements? What process model shall be used in developing the Barangay Clearance Issuance System? How functional is the developed Barangay Clearance Issuance System in terms of the following software evaluation criteria; reliability, efficiency, accuracy, user friendliness; and security?

Scope and Delimitation
The proposed system will handle the adding, searching, viewing, and updating of the records in the selected barangay hall. A faster process of the said matters will be recognized until this system is implemented most importantly the system will store the data for the future use.

The proposed system can perform such as:
a) Maintenance of records in connection with the barangay clearance. b) Printing of the said document (barangay clearance).
c) Printing of criminal records

Concerning records that are not connected to the system is its limitations.

The Figure 1 shows the capability of the admin and the end user into the system. Whereas the admin has the entire access to the system while the end user is capable of viewing and searching records only.

Conceptual Framework
The researchers aim to describe how the Information System can help in barangay hall. Consequently, this section describes the concept of the proposed information system to improve barangay hall and this starts with the citizen/complainant as an input.

The Figure 2 shows the flow of the system and how it will work and to help the barangay to have a more systematic way of doing their work. Also it shows the input, process and output of the system throughout the whole procedure. Where the person or citizen will be ask by the secretary or the user who is a legal officer of the...
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