Barack Obama vs. John Mccain

Topics: George W. Bush, Democratic Party, Barack Obama Pages: 2 (672 words) Published: November 5, 2008
Barack Obama
In the Presidential election of 2008 it is an intense battle for president between republican John McCain and democrat Barack Obama. Republican John McCain supports George W. Bush and shares his views on many of the issues such as the economy plan, the education plan, the foreign policy, and McCain has no plan to end the war in Iraq. Many people argue that Bush is doing a terrible job in office, well than why would you vote for McCain when he is not going to make no real changes in office? Barack Obama has offered a detailed economy plan, puts children first in his education plan, and will work with his military commanders to responsibly end the war in Iraq. Barack Obama is trying to make an effort to make a change for the best and that’s what the United States needs at this moment is change.

Democrat Barack Obama is making an effort to bring change to the United States; he is addressing the issues very well and has some excellent plans. Obama is offering a detailed economy plan to get America’s economy back on track, by creating new jobs and easing the burden on hardworking Americans by offering middle-class tax cuts three times the size of McCain’s. McCain’s economic policy is the same as George Bush’s, it ignores middle class Americans, and Economists say McCain’s plan will add $3.4 trillion to the national debt. Obama has a great health care plan, which will provide accessible, affordable coverage for all, and it will reduce health care cost for all families. On the other John McCain’s health care plan would tax health benefits for the first time ever, imposing trillion tax increases on working families and leaving millions without health care. Barack Obama provides a middle class tax cut for 95 percent of American workers. McCain’s tax plan leaves 101 million American households with no tax relief, while giving $200 billion to corporations.

Obama stances on the issues are very impressing while McCain’s are...
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