Barack Obama State of the Union Critique

Topics: United States, Barack Obama, Democratic Party Pages: 3 (1006 words) Published: February 24, 2010
President Barack Obama State of the Union Address Critique
The leader of the free world, President Barack Obama, addressed Congress and the fellow citizens of the United States of America on the current State of the Union. The President enlightened America on multiple issues concerning the economy, education, jobs, foreign affairs and more. The speech given on the night of January 27th 2010 attracted over 48 million television viewers. Strong attitudes and opinions were exemplified immediately following the completion of his address. A poll administered by CBS News illustrates that 65% of the (3,968) respondents feel as if the President has accomplished far less than what they expected within his first year in office. Another poll taken by CBS suggests that 47% of (3,571) respondents feel that the biggest blunder under the Obama administration is the lack of focus on creating jobs and unemployment. These statistics are of severe importance to the American people and it is for this very reason that I address this particular issue within this assignment. As a current senior at the collegiate level, career opportunities and job security becomes more of a significant issue as graduation approaches at a rapid pace. Currently, the traditional thought of going to college and attaining a degree and doing well in school does not guarantee a safe-secure career. The direction that this country has been headed for the last decade has frightened many college students into thinking that, “If a college degree does not solidify a good job what will?” This issue increases the growth of concern for our nation. It did not take very long for the President to address the job dilemma that the country is facing. Within 15 minutes of his lecture, he noted that creating jobs is the focus for 2010. In concordance with the President, I also believe that jobs should be at the top of the agenda because in order to revamp the economy it is very essential to get the unemployment rate...
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