barack obama

Topics: Simon Cowell, Alexandra Burke, English-language films Pages: 2 (739 words) Published: October 13, 2013
Chapter 9
Emmas p.o.v
“Emmy, we can’t go to McDonalds, we have to go to your house, NOW.” She emphasized the `now`. “What, are you out of your bloody mind, I’m starving over here and you want to go to her house.” Shantell yelled. “Trust me, we have to go now. I just spoke to someone from the Syco media house, and he said they have seen our videos on YouTube and they want to hear us, face to face so Simon Cowell will do a Skype call and watch us sing a song.” as soon as Taybz said that, we all looked at each other awkwardly and then bursted into laughter. “No, listen, I am not joking, he is going to do it 9am so we have to hurry man.” Taybz said or yelled. Whoa, this girl has anger issues. “Fine, fine, but Emma better have some food there.” Shantell said. This girl loves food; if food was a person she would marry and worship him. So, I turned around and drove to my house which was 10 mins away. In the meantime, we put on the radio and Adele song came on, I set fire to the rain. Finally we were at my house.

We all went one by one to my house.
I unlocked the door and went in, the rest of the girls followed me. “Mom, I’m hoommmmee” I shouted but it kind of came in a tune. Taybz rushed into the living room and turned on the computer. She signed in to her account and saw a new friend request called Syco. She clicked on the face chat button and instantly someone answered. “Hello, girls, it’s the secretary of Syco media, I’m here on Simon Cowells behalf to listen and record you, I’m sorry Simon can’t here you but don’t worry he will chat to you, he’s just popped out.” The lady said. We were all really disappointed that we didn’t see Simon especially Taybz and Shantell. “honey, this is such a big joke, I was going to believe you but now Simon conveniently pops out and a random lady wants to listen to us, we all know this is some sort of a prank so just give up cause honey, it isn’t working.” Roma said what we all wanted to say. “No, this is not a joke or a scam,...
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