Barack Obama: 'Dreams from My Father'

Topics: United States, Barack Obama, African American Pages: 2 (765 words) Published: March 13, 2012
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Title: Dreams from My Father ‘A Story of Race and Inheritance’ Author: Barack Obama
Genre: Autobiography, Life Memoir
Before Barack Obama was a Politician he was an author. ‘Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance’ is an Auto-Biography written by Barack Obama. The book describes Obama’s life in three parts, from his birth in Honolulu, Hawaii up to the final part of the book which includes his emotional and revealing trip back to his father’s homeland; Kenya. Obama’s compelling book describes the stereo-types and challenges Barack Obama faced growing up in a country (United States of America) where ‘African American’ people are largely discriminated and his will and ambition to get the chance to make a change and to make a his country and his world a better place.

In the first part of Obama’s book titled ‘Origins’, tells the reader about his close and extended family and events during his ‘early-life’. Obama was born to a white mother and black father in Hawaii on August 4th 1961. During this section Obama describes of the ‘paradise’ he grew in Hawaii and the event of his parents (Ann Dunham and Barack Obama Sr.) divorcing when he was 2. His mother re-married and moved Barack and his family to Indonesia. Barack spent 8 years in Indonesia and returned back to Hawaii because of further education. In the second part ‘Chicago’ Barack, describes of university-life and adulthood, his life at Harvard and Columbia University and the starting of a glistening and promising political career. The final part ‘Kenya’ Barack tells of his immense loss when his father was tragically killed in a car-accident in Kenya. He vows to go back to Kenya and learn more about his family his traditional roots.

I find that Barack Obama’s story is similar to what most ethnic minorities dream to have completed in a well established society where they are socially disadvantaged, because of race, skin colour etc. These people are trying to make...
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