Barack Obama’s Ultimate Guide to Marketing: How He Used Internet and Social Media to Become President-Elect. Now What’s Next?

Topics: Barack Obama, Marketing, President of the United States Pages: 6 (1973 words) Published: November 9, 2011
After analyzing the case study regarding presidents Obama’s internet campaign marketing strategies, I am impressed with the quantity and quality of information presented. I learned more about the president’s path to winning the election than I expected. The case study supported the various facets of presidents Obama’s internet campaign marketing strategies with examples of how the internet message of the campaign was carefully managed, an exceptional model of what the right people with the right tools can attain. Author J.C. Collins in his book titled Good to Great commented “Put your best people on your biggest opportunities, not your biggest problems” (p. 59). It is evident presidents Obama’s campaign strategists recognized an opportunity to differentiate their campaign using their best people and the tools of the time a solid website, social media, search engine optimization, and blogging all centrally managed using BSD online tools suite.

Presidents Obama’s campaign strategists achieved their object by optimizing the use of the resources available to them. For example, the website the campaign developed was exceptional there were updates continuously though the website. Blog or group setups where granted to supporters within the website. This enabled the campaign team to take advantage of the audience in social media sites. Key synergies were capitalized on by the campaign strategists as per our Marketing text book “recognizing opportunities for key synergies that is, efficiencies is vital to success in selecting target market segment and making marketing decisions”.

The campaign strategists also integrated a flawless system by BSD online tools suite. They capitalized significantly in utilizing the BSD’s tools to mobilize over 3 million individual donors to contribute over $500 million online. Further they continued to manage via the BSD’s tools suite over 2 million social networking participants, and created and promoted more than 200,000 offline events across the country. It’s been my experience that the most voluble message when marketing a product is that the message be consistent where ever you market the product. The campaign strategist achieved this by utilizing the integration function of the BSD online tools suite the message was consistent from over 7,000 customized e-mails targeted by specific donation levels, to phone calls made to supporters.

The campaign strategist’s innovative mindset was noticeable to all whom searched in the internet the words “Barack” and “Obama” in any of the four search engines the first item in the list was the presidential campaign website. Search engine optimization was a game changer in my opinion when you direct the consumer to your polished message that’s priceless. The campaign strategists exemplify marketing perfection they recognized a tool that aided them in delivering the presidency. They provided a unified message via all the electronic media under their management. The pinnacle for me was how they integrated the information captured from supporters to fit their model and executed it flawlessly. This all having been said where does the campaign strategy go from now?

Presidents Obama’s campaign strategists established the foundation for their success back in 2008 they now need to move onto the next evolution. Building on the exceptional work they did just changing the message to what their consumer needs and wants are today and going forward to 2012. As the author Dr. Frank Luntz in his book titled Words That Work: It’s not what you say, it’s what people hear said “one reason why there is so little successful communication in this country is that so many of our communicators don’t truly understand something as basic as who their audience is” (p. 180). Our Marketing text book states on page 252 under the subtitle Why Products Succeed or Fail that “a new product needs a precise protocol, a statement that, before product development begins,...

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