Baptism: a Rite of Passage

Topics: Jesus, Christianity, Baptism Pages: 2 (625 words) Published: October 16, 2012
Jordan Pickens
Professor Scott Wilson
Anthropology 120
17 October 2012
Baptism: My Rite of Passage

In life everyone experiences some type of rite of passage and many of us go through multiple including things such as religion, school, jobs, marriage and joining the armed forces. I went through a rite of passage known as a baptism when I was eighteen years old. This rite of passage changed dramatically the way that I was living. I went from a way of death and sinfulness into becoming born again and brought into a life with Jesus Christ.

One of my first parts of my journey through this rite of passage was giving up my old life of sin. I stepped away from some of my old ways such as cussing, drinking in excess, feelings and actions of lust for the opposite sex. While going through this stage I also had to separate my self from many of my old friends who were corrupting me. I was to put to death my old way of living and become renewed through Jesus Christ. I had to speak with a member of the pastoral staff at the church I was attending to see if this was something I was ready for. I chose to speak with the youth pastor because he is the one I felt I knew best. Even though I was somewhat comfortable with the youth pastor I was nervous to explain why I was ready to become baptized. When I was being baptized they dunked me under water symbolizing the drowning or death of my old self.

Before being baptized I had to memorize some answers that I had to say in front of the whole congregation. I was to begin sacrificing ten percent of my income towards the church for gods work. Reading was constantly assigned and I met up with the youth pastor on a weekly basis to make sure I was growing in my faith. People were set in place to keep me accountable for my actions. I was to also seek out someone at this time that could mentor me. Through mentorship I was going to be able to learn the sacra so to speak. Before I was to be baptized I was brought before the whole...
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