Baptism and High School Student

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The name Elaine is a Greek baby name. In Greek the meaning of the name Elaine is: Shining light. The bright one.

My mom told be that when im with her tummy bear she’s always angry, can’t sleep well and eat lots of food. She was always fighting with my father that time. During my christening, they told me I have more than 20 Godmothers and Godfathers.

Back when I'm months old, my mom said, she doesn't like other people kissing me, except to all my Godparents, because she doesn't like me to smell bad or even get dirty. She even told me that I cry a lot.

She also told me that I only have 3 colors in all my clothes; pink, yellow and white. All my clothes are beautiful to me, I'm so clean and tidy. I took a bath 3 to 4 times a day, every minute she puts powder on me

. I'm so fit and sexy way back then because of my mom, she doesn't want me to go outside and play with other children. Sometimes, I go out without their permission, just to play and bond with other kids

. During my Nursery days, I always have my lunch box with me. They always put in it some cookies with a house drawn to it. But when I started to learn how to read, it was, Cream 'O cookies

. Then, during my Kinder days, I became a Twinkle Star in our Girl Scout. I was so shy and as I remember, I was so sick. Back then, if I'm not feeling well and my tummy is aching, I immediately throw up. I cry and cry because all I wanted that time is to go back home, I really hate mosquito bites.

In Grade 1, during the Foundation day, our class presents a dance and I was in the back row because I don't know how to dance. That's my weakness, so I do everything, and practice a lot, then in grade 2, I was in the front row and became the leader of the group, and our principal was sitting in front of me

. There was a point in my Grade 1 life that my teacher always gets mad at me, because I always bring attitude to school. It's because at home, I am a spoiled brat, my parents always give me what I...
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