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Every religion has certain rites and rituals that are crucial to the beliefs of the religion. Baptism is a sacramental rite within Christianity that initiates adherents into the total submission of God, through the role model of Jesus Christ. Baptism is often used as a statement of Christian beliefs, which is vital for salvation and, has a direct impact upon the individual and the community. As the rite of Baptism may vary between differing Christian denominations, the ritual is ultimately an expression of faith in Christianity.

Each Christian denomination whilst similar in their core beliefs, vary in the actual interpretation and exertion of the Baptism Rite. The Greek Orthodox baptism follows the pattern of 1. Welcoming rite

2. Questioning the willingness of the parents to have their child baptised 3. Absolution of the mother, as she presents her child for baptism 4. Prayers that renounce satin, this is conducted so that the mother becomes in a state of purity, usually achieved through reciting the Apostles Creed 5. Immersion of child in water. The priest holds the baby to the west and full immerses the child in the water in a circular motion. Usually the child is naked) 6. Liturgy of Baptism, chants and prayers recited, with the anointing of the Baby with Myron oil in the sign of the cross 7. Baby is dressed in white cloth

8. Takes their first communion
9. Procession around the Church with the Pascal Candle.
For most Christian denomination, Baptism is celebrated during infancy and relies heavily on the parents to fulfil their obligation the child. However Pentecostal Baptism is known as “believers baptism” and initiates adults into Christianity, this is significant as it exhibits a conscience decision to submit to their faith rather than having it bestowed upon them in their childhood. Another significant difference within the Orthodox baptism is that that child receives their first communion upon baptism; most Churches hold this ceremony...
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